Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

9th - 12th Culinary Arts

Teacher: Aimee Harrison 


This fun and informative course in culinary arts will explain and demonstrate the art of food preparation, cooking, and dish presentation. Students will learn about bread-making, basic kitchen and food safety, and tips on nutrition habits. Students will also be taught baking and cooking techniques which can be used in a variety of dishes, including how to use spices and sauces for proper seasoning.  Additional topics the class will explore include, planning for a party and choosing your own menu, Cupcake Wars, properly setting the table with an assortment of techniques to fold napkins, making homemade pasta, cooking crepes, baking scones and making Devonshire cream or clotted cream.

I use ideas from a couple of books for class. They are, Cooking and Baking cookbooks by James Peterson and Guide to Good Food.

**This class is not be suitable for students with food allergies!**

Students: Minimum-5 Maximum-10

Required supplies: A chef Knife, Apron (Optional)

Class/Copy Fee: $70 (check written to Aimee Harrison due at Orientation or by 9/1/2020)

$370 ($37.00/month for 10 months, August- May or $42/month if prorated or on a 9th month payment plan)

revised 2/16/2021

Aimee Harrison

B.S. in Psychology

Aimee graduated from VCU with a Bachelors in Psychology. She has worked with children who have had mental, physical and emotional disabilities in a couple of different fields. She worked on Ft. Lee at Army Community Services as a domestic victim advocate. After being employed
there for a time, she then worked in the Hopewell Police Department as a victim witness advocate. She is currently a CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteer. When Aimee had her second child she was able to stay home with both of her girls. Her oldest daughter, who is 20, attends VCU majoring in Creative advertising and her youngest, 16, is attending Bridge Academy. They decided to homeschool after her oldest daughter finished
second grade. She has been married to her husband, Joel, for almost 23 years. She has always loved to bake, starting in her mom's kitchen as a little girl. Her love for baking has challenged her to expand her knowledge for cooking and learning how to eat healthier. She has always said, "When I "grow up,” “I want to have my own bakery".
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