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Psalm 32:8

Anatomy & Physiology

Teacher: Jenny Smith (

Description: Anatomy & Physiology is a study of the structure and function of the human body. This course is great preparation for advanced biological studies, whether it is medical or other science based careers. Laboratory experiences and text based activities provide student learning in the following topics: the major body systems; how the body systems work together to provide homeostasis; blood typing; muscle action; and cranial nerve functioning. Students lab work also consists of histological study of tissue types and anatomical study of body systems including organ-specific dissections as well as digital dissections.

Text: Apologia Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology 2nd Edition The Human Body

Copy/Supply fee: $60.00 (check written to Jenny Smith due at Orientation or by 9/1/2020) 

Tuition: $490.00 ($49.00/month for 10 months, August-May or $54.45/month if prorated)

revised 2/27/2020

Jenny Smith 

B.S. Biology & Masters in Ed.

I grew up in Bon Air, Virginia. From a young age, I enjoyed school and playing sports, but found a passion playing field hockey with my older sister. I played field hockey at Lynchburg College where I received a B.S. in biology. After graduating, I began working the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry in Philadelphia, but decided to move back to Richmond where I grew up and return to school at VCU for my masters in teaching. Soon after returning, I became reacquainted with Cam, who I met while attending Lynchburg College years prior. Fast forward a few years… We have recently been blessed with two incredible children, June and Brooks. During my teaching tenure in Chesterfield County Schools, I noticed I wanted to empower the students with not only the subject matter I was teaching, but more importantly, responsibility, morals and values.