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Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Bridge Community 1st-12th grades

Monitors: Kim Halquist, Susan McKain, Jackie Fowler, Jenny Matthews and Emily Woodworth

Description: Bridge Community (B-Com) is available for students that will be at Bridge Academy during regular school hours but not enrolled in a class at that specific time. Students must be enrolled in a class just before or just after the B-Com they wish to enroll in. Students may either choose to study quietly, chat with friends or play table games. If weather and temperature permits, students will have the option of going outside WITH a monitor.  

This time will enable your students an opportunity to complete assignments, forms study groups and build friendships with other members of Bridge Academy. 


Bridge Community will meet in the gym on Tuesdays and in the bistro of Fridays.   

Tuition: $120.00 per period ($12 per month for 10 months, August through May)

revised 2/16/19

Cost: Study Hall-$120.00 per period ($12.00 per month for 10 months, August through May)

revised 2/23/19

Jackie Fowler 

B.A. English, BA (Bachelor of Arts- Radio, TV & Motion Pictures) and MLS

Jackie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in English and Radio, TV and Motion Pictures. After graduation, she worked as a writer for the 5:00 and 10:00 newscast at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC. She decided to leave her job at the TV station to pursue her desire to teach and became certified in English Education. She has taught middle and high school English, honors English, Political Economic and Legal Systems, music and drama while in the classroom. She also holds a Master's degree in Library Science and was a school librarian before leaving to homeschool her first child. Her husband is a military Chaplain and they have five children. She loves spending time with her family and is thankful the Lord used the Army to bring her to the area.

Teaching: Environmental Science and Study Hall monitor

Contact at:  

Kim Halquist 

Kim graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. She was a crisis counselor for the Richmond city schools for three years and then decided to go back to school to work on her nursing degree. Kim worked at Chippenham Medical Center in the Cardiac ICU for ten years before deciding to become a stay at home mom with her two children at the time . She and her husband Matt have been married for nineteen years and have three children Brennan , Riley and Londyn . Kim has been homeschooling for ten years. 

Jenny Matthews

B.A. in French

Jennifer graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Arts in French. She taught for four years in international baccalaureate school in Raleigh, NC, and Prince George, VA. She and her husband Steven have been married for twenty years and have four children: Jacob, Loren, Natalie and Madilyn. She has been homeschooling for four years and recently joined Bridge Academy. 

Teaching: French I

Contact info: 

Susan McKain 

Emily Woodworth

Emily was born and raised on a farm Waynesboro, Virginia. Her family moved to Singapore during part of her middle and high school years where she developed a love for other cultures and travel. She earned a bachelors in Elementary Education from Juniata College and the year following graduation, she served a year in Tunisia, Africa teaching 6 missionary children in an area where there was no school to serve them. Returning to her hometown to teach sixth grade math, she grew closer to an old family friend and married her best friend, Mark. After 6 years of teaching Emily decided to stay at home to be with their first born, Hayden who is now 12. Currently, Emily feels blessed to be able to homeschool their 5 children (Mary 10, Lauren 8, John 7, and Andrew 4) and serves as worship leader to children at their church. From a very young age, Emily has felt an overwhelming desire to love on and be with children of all ages. God has given her many opportunities to use her passion to serve God and give Him glory.