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Exercise Science

This course will guide students to explore the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects of growing into a healthy adult. Students will study the human body systems, senses, genetics, temperaments, and physical influences on thoughts and feelings. Emotional stability and mental illness are respectfully covered, as well as the value of another human being, our culture, our biological sex as related to our gender roles, our families, socialization, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. Your high-schooler will gain an in-depth knowledge of both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, including the importance of exercise and proper diet. Students will receive instruction on the proper form and function of various exercises and will be challenged to develop and carry out a regular personal exercise plan.
Parental Note: This is a full health textbook. Some students may not be mature enough to discuss some topics. The reproductive systems are covered in detail, including accurate, yet respectful, illustrations and descriptions. The text respectfully discusses the act of marriage, sexual misconduct, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, chapters discuss alcohol and drug abuse, depression, pornography, and other topics that also require maturity. Please consider your student's level of maturity to decide whether this course is appropriate for them. All topics are discussed from a God-honoring perspective.
In addition, please be aware that this book shows the detailed muscle structure of the human anatomy with a few anatomically correct depictions of both male and female anatomy. Please let me know if you would like to preview the book and I will send you a digital preview, or you may see a copy of the book at Open House.



Text: Apologia Exploring Creation with Health & Nutrition (text only); Additional Text: The Student's Anatomy of Exercise Manual

Copy/Supply Fee: $30 (cash or check written to Ashley Knickerbocker at Orientation or the first class - may also Venmo @Ashley-Knickerbocker)

Annual tuition: $400.00 ($40/month for 10 months, August-May)


Ashley Knickerbocker

B.A. in History

Ashley began teaching at Bridge Academy in 2016. She was raised in Chesterfield County and received a history degree from VCU. She and her husband, David feel blessed to homeschool their three boys, Nathan (14), Justis (11) and Joshua (6), who also attend Bridge Academy. Her teaching experience began at ICCS Preschool during college and she has continued teaching both at home and in classroom settings since then. She taught art and PE as an enrichment course for Classical Conversations for 6 years and served as a CC lead teacher for 2 years before coming to Bridge Academy. She worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for eleven years at Chester Fitness. Both she and her boys love Bridge Academy and look forward to being part of this co-op for years to come!

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