Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

English  2

Course Description: This course has SO much to offer, and will be using the new third edition of The Good and the Beautiful Level 2 Language Arts curriculum. It is full of beauty and ease, and thoroughly includes phonics, reading, writing, grammar usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art appreciation and instruction! We will be integrating and encouraging a love of poetry and nature into our studies as well. This course is full of fun and engaging lessons, while still keeping them light and allowing for a full weeks worth of work to be done in only 4 days. 

** Please use this link to take a placement test to give you an idea of which level to take. I also teach 1st and 3rd with this curriculum:

Required Texts: The Good and the Beautiful Level 2 Language Arts:

Copy/Supply fee: $25 (paid to Shae Weyant due at Orientation or the first class attended)

Tuition fee: $340.00 ($34/month for 10 months, August - May or $38/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)


Shae Weyant

Masters in Elementary Education 

“Shae graduated from Liberty University with her Master’s in Teaching: Elementary Education and immediately started working in the private Christian school sector. While she loved her time teaching private school, she really felt the Lord calling her to make a change and begin homeschooling her two children, Lacey and Lincoln. When she mentioned the idea to her husband Ricky, he was completely on-board, and they haven’t looked back since! Being able to continue her teaching career through her switch to Bridge, has really shown first-hand the provision of God in her life. She can now spend more time with her family, volunteer more at her church, and create connections with her students at Bridge that hopefully last a lifetime!