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English 2

This course has so much to offer, with the third edition of The Good and The Beautiful Level 2 Language Arts curriculum. It is full of beauty and ease, and thoroughly includes phonics, reading, writing, grammar usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, art appreciation and instruction! We will integrating and encouraging a love of poetry and nature into our studies as well. This course is full of fun and engaging lessons, while still keeping them light and allowing for a full week's worth of work to be done in only 4 days. You may buy the physical curriculum or you can download the entire curriculum PDF for free to print at home!


Language Arts Course Set Level 2. The set includes the Language Arts Course Level 2 book, Reading Booster C Cards and Reading Booster C Book Set. The course book can be downloaded as a PDF for free if you choose, with the Reading Booster C cards + Reading Booster C Book Set sold separately.

Copy/Supply fee: $20 (paid to Kacy Barbour at Orientation or the first class)
Tuition fee: $340.00 ($34/month for 10 months, August-May, or $38/month if prorated or on a 9-month payment plan)


Kacy Barbour

Kacy grew up in East Tennessee, where she casually attended Northeast State Community College. She enjoyed the classes and teachers so much that she just kept going back until they told her she unintentionally had enough credits for a General Studies degree in 2021. Kacy and Wes met in September 2011 and got married 9 months later in June 2012. Their journey has taken them to North Carolina and several areas in Virginia, but they know the Lord called them to plant roots here in Chesterfield. Kacy and Wes have four children: Noah, Braylan, Coralynn, and Koda. They are a family of mixed schooling, with a couple of children at Bridge and a couple of children in public schools. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Bridge, watching their children grow and thrive in this environment, and are looking forward to getting to know the Bridge community better while serving here. Kacy serves on the Women’s Ministry Team at Parkway Baptist Church. She enjoys planning service projects and fellowship events alongside her Sisters in Christ.

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