Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Christ-honoring spiritual, Mental & Physical Fitness

Course Description: There will be scripture and prayer during class. We invite the Lord our Creator on our mats, therefore learning His word and listening to Him during our practice. Today's society believes anxiety is normal, we know that it isn't. We will learn how to become proactive through our awareness of who we are in Christ. Finally, the Lord Jesus Christ changes us, inside and out. When we learn how to have an intimate relationship with Him, we are able to better live out His calling for our lives.

Copy Fee: $20 (written to Tessa Timberlake due at Orientation or at the first class)

Tuition Fee: $350.00 ($35.00/month per month for 10 months, August - May or $TBD.00/month if prorated or on a 9-month payment plan)


Tessa Timberlake

Hi there, I am Tessa Timberlake, Holy Yoga Teacher, wife to Rob Timberlake and Mama to 4 children. We have three daughters in college and one son here, at Bridge Academy. My passion and truest gift from the Lord is to teach His word through the modality of Yoga. Yoga is a way of life, and combined with God breathed scripture, can be life changing for any of us. Yoga is the union of the breath and the mind. Through stretching the body, we learn ourselves intimately, with scripture, we learn who we are in Him. 

Breath-work is a game changer in the midst of challenges in our lives, we learn to breathe on purpose and use it to respond instead of reacting. In today's society where the norm is to be anxious, our future children must be equipped with tools that can enable them to be who God says they are, not what the world decides to be normal. 

I am certified through Holy Yoga and hold a masters certification in Yoga philosophy and anatomy. I hold several other certifications as well. 

It is my honor and privilege to bring God breathed scripture, gentle yoga, and meditation on His Word to Bridge Academy. 

Supplies are a yoga mat, water, journal, Bible and possibly a block. Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Walmart and Target have mats and blocks. I have some to share as well.  I am excited to meet you!