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Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Graphic Design

Teacher: Jordan Kincaid (

Course Description: 

Graphic Design 1 introduces students to the fundamentals of traditional graphic design and visual communication. Emphasis will be placed on design thinking, using the design-process, collaboration, teamwork, constructive critique, and finding the real solution to client’s problems. The elements and principles of design will be reviewed through hands-on projects in order to strengthen the student’s ability to visually communicate ideas. Students will learn that graphic design is about finding solutions to client problems, not creating fine art. Therefore, students with insecure drawing skills should not be afraid to take this class. We will explore a range of design
techniques using various tools and art materials. Students will explore color theory and typography as it applies to making good design decisions. The history of graphic design and some marketing philosophy will be integrated throughout the course. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook to take some class notes and record ideas for project planning. By focusing on how people communicate visually and how to utilize design thinking, students will be able to apply these concepts to any academic or occupational field they pursue. Specialized design software will not be needed for this course.
The student is expected to develop disciplined work habits, participate in class critiques, and gain an understanding of the graphic designer’s formal language. Lesson plans will utilize high school level curriculum provided by the
American Institute of Graphic Arts

Required Text: None
Copy/Supply fee: $50.00
The supply fee includes a kit that will be supplied to the student. Kit includes; sketchpad,
colored pencils, eraser, brush pen, micron pen and color wheel.

Tuition fee: $350.00 ($35.00 per month for 10 months - August-May)

updated 3/17/2018

Jordan Kincaid 
B.A. Communication Arts

Jordan graduated from VCU in 2016 with a B.A. in Communication Arts. She is currently a freelance Illustrator and is contracted with Owl Crate Worldwide and McGraw-Hill and has most recently joined the Bridge Academy family.  Bridge Academy students will be very pleased with the most up-to-date and fresh ideas she plans to present in her classes: Drawing, Graphic Design, and Digital Design. She and her mother, Allison Kincaid (also teaches Art at Bridge Academy), will be co-leaders of the Yearbook Club.