Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Health & P.E.

Description:  Welcome to Middle School Health/PE! This hybrid class will teach principles of spiritual, social, and physical health combined with physical fitness, which include games, sports and more. Subjects include body systems, nutrition, First aid/CPR, effective communication, how to begin an exercise program and more. Students will complete both portions during the same period block. 

Required Text: Total Health Middle School, Student Softcover by: Susan Boe here

Copy/Supply fee: $20.00 (paid to Tasha west & due at Orientation or at the first class attended)

Annual tuition: $340.00 ($34/month for 10 months, August- May or $38/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

Tasha West

B.S. Health & Sports 

K-12 Teaching Certificate in Health & Physical Education 

Tasha is a former colligate athlete who grew up in the Sunshine State, Florida. She discovered her love of sports which opened up an opportunity for her to earn a full scholarship to the University of Richmond where she met her husband Randy, a former football player. While there, she earned her B.S in Health and Sport Science which led her to complete her teaching certification in K-12 Health and PE education. She taught in the public school system for 17 years before leaving to homeschool her two children. Tasha's teaching style is very high energy which creates a very engaging and lively environment. In her free time, she enjoys learning "the ways of old" such as gardening, food preservation including fermenting and the not-so-scary world of pressure canning.  

Tasha is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Bridge Academy family and looks forward to teaching in a Christ-centered environment.