Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Modern American History (5th- 6th) 

Teacher:  Emily Kirtlan


This course is meant to complement our Early American History class. Students will explore the history of our country from the late 1800’s to the present. Using America the Beautiful: Part 2 by Charlene Notgrass as our text, we will dive into topics which include World War I, the Great Depression, the Roaring Twenties, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement. Each unit includes lessons about these major historical events, as well as the important people and places in which they lived and worked. Each week, students will be reading the text and working on assignments at home. Class time will include activities, discussion, and games that will enrich the text and make learning history fun!

Required Text: 

- America the Beautiful: Part 2, by Charlene Notgrass (older edition)

- Maps of America the Beautiful by Beth Poore (can be found on the Notgrass website in the clearance section, it will be a digital download)

- America the Beautiful Lesson Review by Mary Evelyn McCurdy ((can be found on the Notgrass website in the clearance section, it will be a digital download)

Copy/Supply Fee: $20 (check written to Emily Kirtlan due at Orientation or on the first day of class)

Tuition fee: $360 ($36.00/month for 10 months August - May or $40/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

added 8/12/2021

Emily Kirtlan

B.S. in History 

Emily is a graduate of Liberty University where she received her undergraduate degree in History. The best word to describe Emily is kind. Her heart is one of service and thoughtfulness and it shows in all she does. Austin, the man writing this bio about Emily, is also her best friend, man of her dreams and dashing husband since 2016. Her passions in life are reading, baking, and her puppies. She has decided to apply her degree to pursuing her desire to serve the homeschool community. As a former homeschool student herself, Emily is passionate about home education and knows what it takes to be successful on this unique journey. She believes that education is a powerful tool and wants to help students cultivate a love for learning. She is excited to serve the families of Bridge Academy! 

Also Teaching: History 5-6, Eat Around the World, Global History: Wars, Espionage and Covert Operations, Renaissance and Reformation, Civics with Critical Thinking, Movies as Literature, and Medieval British Literature