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Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Latin II (Second Form Latin)

Teacher: Ashley Knickerbocker (

Description: Second Form Latin continues the journey of Latin grammar. This class builds on what the student learned previously in First Form Latin. Second Form completes the verb paradigms for all four conjugations in the indicative active and passive, and much more! During class, students will have recitation and instruction time which will include watching a short video prior to class exercises reinforcing the new concept. Students will learn: 6 indicative active and passive tenses of all four verb conjugations, 5 noun declensions including -er and -ir nouns and i-stem nouns, adjectives in 3 declensions, personal pronouns, prepositions, and 180 new vocabulary words.

Completion of homework will be essential to ensure skills, mastery, and rapid recognition. Weekly quizzes will be given to ensure the material is being understood.*

Prerequisite: Latin I - First Form Latin

Books Needed:
 Memoria Press Second Form Latin Materials:
 Student Text $13.50
 Student Workbook $15
 Quizzes & Tests $5
 Flashcards $14.95
(Not required, but may be helpful to purchase the DVD to have at home. $55)


Copy/Supply fee: $10.00 (paid to Ashley Knickerbocker by 9/3/19)

Tuition fee: $410 per year ($41 per month for 10 months, August through May)

revised 2/8/19

Ashley Knickerbocker
B.S. in History 

Ashley began teaching at Bridge Academy in 2016. She was raised in Chesterfield County, and now enjoys life with her husband, David and their three boys, Nathan (13), Justis (11) and Joshua (5). She homeschools her children, who attend Bridge Academy. She has a history degree from VCU and a certification in personal training. Her teaching experience began at ICCS Preschool during college and she has continued teaching both at home and in classroom settings since then. She taught art and PE as an enrichment course for Classical Conversations for 6 years and served as a CC lead teacher for 2 years before coming to Bridge Academy. She worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for eleven years at Chester Fitness. Both she and her boys love Bridge Academy and look forward to being a part of this coop for years to come!