Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8


Monitors: Donna Berry, Stephanie York, Emily Kirtlan, Melissa Mathes, Etc. 

Lunch Lady: Debbie Starnes

Lunch Tactician: Julie Kramer

Description: Due to COVID restrictions we are not able to offer lunch for purchase for the 20/21 school year. However, we will begin offering individually wrapped snacks and drinks for 50 cents after Christmas break. If possible, we will begin offering lunch options again beginning with the 21/22 school year.  

Your students are welcome to join us for lunch but do need to be registered in a class before AND after lunch (beginning in 21/22) in order to be eligible to remain at Bridge Academy during lunch. 

Annual Tuition: $9.00 ($1 per month)

revised 2/15/21

Julie Kramer

Debbie Starnes