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Psalm 32:8

Math 4 (Saxon 5/4)

Description:  Class time will be used for instruction, preliminary practice, and assessments. To be successful, students will need to do daily work at home. Some of class time will include math games, activities, and work on application of skills in groups. Assignments for daily work at home will be assigned. Below is a link to take 

pre-test to ensure your child is placed correctly.

Category Description for Saxon Math 5/4 (3rd Ed.): For use by fourth graders who have completed Math 3 or who are doing well in math, or for average fifth graders. Covers review of 4 basic math functions, estimating, 2- and 3 digit computation, decimals, fractions, rudimentary geometry, word problems. 3rd edition.

Text: Saxon Math 5/4 student text (3rd edition) and Saxon Math 5/4 tests/worksheets book (3th edition)

Copy fee: $20.00 (check written to Anne Zell due at Orientation or at the first class)

Annual tuition: $440.00 ($44.00/month for 10 months, August- May, or $49/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

revised 2/12/2021

Anne Zell 

Anne Zell was born and raised in the heart of America, Medina, Ohio. As the youngest and only girl, she and her four brothers grew up riding horses and jet skis. She met her husband, Ken, in Medina and they have 4 boys. After several  work related moves they settled in Chesterfield Virginia in 2011.  After her  first son, Cooper, was was born she decided to homeschool.  Cooper is 18 years old and a college freshman, Carsten is a 16 year old high school sophomore, Aiden is 13 and Ace is 10.  Anne has always had a passion for working with children in church and other ministries. She also used her passion to serve students as a tutor in Classical Conversations. She began her journey with Bridge Academy five years ago when her oldest two boys began taking classes with us and is excited to now serve the students of Bridge Academy. She has enjoyed being part of Bridge Academy and looks forward to continuing to serve the homeschool community alongside them. 

Classes: Math 4 (saxon 5/4) and Fun with Food