Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Middle School Electives

At Bridge Academy, we are dedicated to offering Christ-centered classes for your students.

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Links to course descriptions will be added ASAP to the courses listed below. Until then, please use the schedule or toggle bar to find course descriptions.  

Lunch: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (lunch orders on Tuesday, Friday ONLY) (all grades)

Bridge Hub: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (1st-12th)

P.E. & Games (4th-6th)

Eat Across the USA! (4th-6th)

Fun with Food (4th-6th) 

Health & P.E. (6th-8th) 

Drama (6th-8th) 

Culinary Arts (6th-8th)

P.E. (6th-8th)

Robotics: Level A (7th-8th)

Robotics: Level B (8th-9th)

Cell Phone Photography (7th-12th)

Eat Across the World! (6th-8th) 

Health and Life Skills (6th-8th) 

Intro to Baking (7th-12th)

Baking (8th-12th) 

P.E. & Games (6th-8th) 

Robotics: Level C