Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Middle School English with Writing: Level B

Description: This  course will focus on  English grammar, literature, and composition and  will include a small vocabulary component. The  students will learn

how to  completely parse and  diagram sentences, how to avoid common usage errors, and will review the rules of capitalization and punctuation. Persuaasive writing will be taught using The Lost Tools of Writing and selected literature. The students will learn to choose an issue, gather evidence from the text, organize that evidence, and present it in an organized and compelling manner. This "B" course is perfect for older middle schoolers, students who have completed the "A" class or something similar, or who already have a partial grasp on parsing sentences and writing essays. Although, the same grammar text will be used as the "A" class, the pace will be faster, and the whole text will be covered. Similarly, the same writing process will be used for both the "A" and "B" classes, but different novels will be chosen for each. Students in this class will read nine novel and complete nine essays, adding new components to each one.

* Analytical Grammar: Student Book Analytical Grammar Student Workbook | Demme Learning | (
Lost Tools of  Writing: Level One Student Workbook | Circe Institute | 9780986325717 (

Literature titles will be given closer to the beginning of school.

Copy fee: $20 (paid to Elisabeth Fiordelise at Orientation or the first class)

Annual tuition: $380 ($38.00/month for 10 months, August-May or $43/month if prorated on a 9 month payment plan)


Elisabeth Fiordelise

B.S. in Education

Elisabeth holds a degree in Elementary Education and taught 2nd and 4th grades prior to choosing to stay home and homeschool her children. She worked at Classical Conversations for the past several years, tutoring both Foundations and Essentials (a writing and grammar program). Music has been a constant part of her life. She studied piano for 15 years and has spent her adulthood accompanying choirs, playing in worship bands, and directing children’s musicals. Elisabeth has taught private piano lessons for the past 14 years, which combines two of her favorite things – children and music. Her husband Pat pastors Kingsland Baptist Church, and she enjoys supporting his ministry by directing the children’s ministry and playing the piano in the worship band. They have 3 children-John (17), Alyssa (15), & David (11).

Contact: 804-502-6253