Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Public Speaking /Forensics


The four basic types of speeches: to inform, to instruct, to entertain, and to persuade where we find the word "forensics" that is applied to speeches made to convince a group of people who would make a judgment based on the arguments and evidence presented in the speech. 
In a small, supportive classroom environment, students learn to communicate their ideas effectively using verbal, written, and visual techniques. They also learn important listening skills, and peer evaluations of fellow student speeches that are an important component of this course.

Text: none required

Copy/Supply fee: $10 (paid directly to Lynn Snipes due at Orientation or the first class attended)

Tuition: $400.00 ($40/month for 10 months, August - May or $46 /month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

Lynn Snipes

A.A. in Psychology and Culinary Arts

Lynn grew up in Pennsylvania as a PK (preacher's kid) until after graduation when she joined the Army. She has lived in Virginia since 1997 but still claims her Yankee roots. Lynn has an AA degree in Psychology from Allegany College in Cumberland, MD then followed her true passion by earning a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, Norfolk VA campus class of 2003. Lynn has worked in the food world as a barista, sweets baker, fine dining, B&B breakfast chef, prepared food production and instructor for SCCA co-op & Edible Education. I love to share food knowledge with the "1 no-thank you bite" rule to expand the tasting palate.  My husband Phil & I have 2 sons Caleb & Eli who are both students at Bridge Academy.