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Psalm 32:8

Robotics: Level B  

Teacher: Justin York

Description:  Ready to take your 6th - 8th grade students' electronics and programming skills to the next level? Level B is the second level in the Introduction to Robotics series. This course is designed to build on the electronics and programming skills learned in Introduction to Robotics: Level A. Students will expand their knowledge of coding to control electrical components, including projects involving integrated circuits, switches, and sensors. This class follows Introduction to Robotics: Level A, and it is a great way to prepare students for high school STEM and Technology classes.

*Prerequisite: Introduction to Robotics: Level A

  •  Work administratively with files, folders, and directories.
  •  Continue to expand coding knowledge to include functions, advanced list commands, logical operators, while 
  •  true loops, advanced string techniques, try/except/finally, and multithreaded operations.
  •  Understand pulse width modulation.
  •  Learn to work with new types of switches, a matrix-style keypad, potentiometers, phototransistors,
     infrared sensors, RFID readers, temperature sensors, an I2C display, and ultrasonic range sensors.
  •  Learn to use Github and adjust for various versions of Python.
  • Work with an analog-to-digital converter integrated circuit.
  •  Continue to improve troubleshooting skills for both electrical circuits and computer programs.
  •  Continue to gain the skills to independently tackle projects found online.

Supplies Needed:      will need Level B kit AND Level A kit 
  •  Toolbox/Carrier for component parts
  •  2 AA Batteries
  •  Some additional parts/supplies may be needed over the course of the class (such as batteries)

Copy/Supply fee: $20.00 (check written to Justin York due at Orientation or at the first class)

Annual tuition: $370.00 ($37.00/month for 10 months, August- May or $41.12/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

revised 2/18/2021

Justin York
Justin was among one of the first students to attend Bridge Academy. In 2019 he earned his Associate’s Degree in Engineering from John Tyler Community College. After attending Liberty University for one year, he transferred to VCU and is currently working on his B.S. in Computer Science and Software Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. (Class of 2022!) Justin’s interest in computers and engineering was sparked when he took a Robotics class during his first year at Bridge Academy. Justin recently became engaged to his high school sweetheart, who he also met at Bridge Academy. He currently works at Green Top Sporting Goods in the archery department, and has numerous interests that include archery, gaming, and programming.

Also Teaching: Robotics: Level A