Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Science 6

Teacher: Sarah Cochran (

Description: This class will expand your student’s understanding of the world and lay a solid foundation for more challenging science classes in the years to come. BJU Science 6 emphasizes the importance of not only learning about science, but also developing a strong Christian worldview. Volcanoes, weather, classification systems, electricity, machines, and genetics are among the many topic to be explored this year. Homework will involve reading, doing worksheets, taking tests, and occasionally preparing a project to share with the class. Each week we will solidify the material in the text through discussion, activities and labs. Come join us!

Text: BJU Science 6 Textbook, Activity Manual, and Tests (4th edition)

Copy/Supply fee: $20.00 (check written to Sarah Cochran due at Orientation or by 9/1/2020)

Tuition Fee: $360.00 per year ($36.00/month for 10 months, August- May or $40.00/month if prorated)

revised 2/27/2020

Sarah Cochran

B.A. in Psychology 

Sarah was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She attended both the
University of Richmond and the University of Louisville, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. She and her husband, Paul, live in the Chester area with their two sons, Paul, Jr. and Thomas. Sarah has been homeschooling for 16 years and has been part of Classical Conversations as well as other homeschooling co-ops in the area. She has always loved working with children in programs like AWANA, Vacation Bible School, Bible Fellowship classes, and summer camps. She and Paul have enjoyed their ministry at Ironbridge Church for 22 years now and look forward to teaching at Bridge Academy for years to come.