Bridge Academy

Psalm 32:8

Worship Band

Description: The ultimate goal of Worship Band is to take students who have begun learning an instrument and get them in groups playing together. It is important to me to develop their skill in playing as a band. Playing and presenting music is the main part of class. In addition we will cover some basic music theory as well as chord Chart reading. I also have a goal for students to grow in their knowledge of worship. We will have some discussions in class. Students will be encouraged to try out other instruments of interest. If a more advanced student has a need to make an audition tape or prepare for an audition I will be glad to help with that. Later in the year, if the technology is available or it can be worked out, we will explore In Ear Systems, Click Tracks, and Loops.

Band positions:
2 - Piano/keyboard
2 - Acoustic Guitar 
1 - Electric Lead Guitar  
2 - Electric Rhythm Guitar
1 - Drums
1 - Bass
2 - vocal 

Copy/supply fee: $25 (check written to Paul Cochran due at Orientation or the first class)

Tuition fee: $390 ($39.00/month for 10 months, August - May or $44.00/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)

Paul Cochran

B.M. - Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance

M.C.M - Masters in Church Music 

Paul has grown up in Richmond, Virginia where he attended Virginia Commonwealth where he received an undergraduate degree in piano performance and then a Masters in Church Music from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Paul has happily served as the Worship Pastor at Ironbridge Church since 1998. He and his wife Sarah have schooled their boys, Paul and Thomas, at home for the last 14 years and enjoy giving back to the homeschool community by teaching at Bridge Academy. Working with students to encourage them to grow not only as Christians, but also as musicians has really been a blessing in his life.

Classes: Guitar and Worship Band