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Concrete Wall

Art History

This course allows students to gain a deeper understanding of art and see more than just the aesthetic of a particular piece. Even if a student doesn’t have much of an interest in art, learning art history provides exposure to other humanities such as literature, music and philosophy, just to name a few. In this class students are also able to learn about different cultures from various parts of the world, and make important connections as they evaluate works of art. Students will learn about different historical events and how they affected the art created during those times and future eras. Please email Jennifer Kidd at with any further questions.


Copy/Supply fee: $45.00 (paid to Jennifer Kidd at Orientation or the first class attended)
Tuition fee: $370.00 ($37.00/month for 10 months, August-May, or $42.00/month if prorated)


Jennifer Kidd

B.S. Art Ed

Jennifer is excited to join the team of educators here at the Bridge. She has a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from VCU. She has taught in Virginia for over 10 years; at Jamestown High School and Colonial Heights High School. Jenn holds a current Va teaching license to teach art to K-12. One of her favorite traditions is never deleting photos off her phone. At this moment she has over 44,000 pictures saved on her phone. One of Jenn's favorite aspects of being a teacher is watching students' skills grow. In her 20 years span of teaching, she has had the opportunity to watch many of her students move into their desired art careers. Jenn's husband and four kids meanwhile, love using her home studio for their ping pong games, lego builds, and sometimes for making art; but mostly Lego.

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