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Healthy Living

Students will gain essential knowledge on how to make healthy choices regarding nutrition and fitness. This class introduces topics including Exercise, Nutrition, Personal Health, Environmental Health & Safety, and much more. With this Creator-honoring course, you will help your family steward the body God has entrusted to them.

Students completing this elective course will:

- Build up their strength and endurance through daily physical exercise
- Learn about the different foods that help and harm the body and its functions
- Discover how their body systems work together and take steps to keep themselves clean, inside and out
- Become more confident in their communication skills and managing their emotions
- Assemble their own first aid kit for injuries and create emergency plans for fires and natural disasters
- Grow more responsible and knowledgeable in the areas of health and safety for themselves and their family
*There are a few sensitive topics covered in this course, including a discussion of various approaches to health care, including vaccines and treatments with roots in the traditions of false religions; a faith-based presentation about children and personal boundaries; a discussion of gun safety and boundaries.


Text: None (in lieu of a book, the supply fee will cover the cost of weekly readers that will be used in class and sent home with each student)

Copy/Supply Fee: $10 (given to Mercy Granell at Orientation or the first class)

Annual tuition: $330.00 ($33/month for 10 months, August May, or $38/month if prorated or on a 9-month payment plan)


Ashley Knickerbocker

Ashley Knickerbocker
B.S. in History

Ashley began teaching at Bridge Academy in 2016. She was raised in Chesterfield County and received a history degree from VCU. She and her husband, David feel blessed to homeschool their three boys, Nathan (15), Justis (13) and Joshua (8), who also attend Bridge Academy. Her teaching experience began at ICCS Preschool during college and she has continued teaching both at home and in classroom settings since then. She taught art and PE as an enrichment course for Classical
Conversations for 6 years and served as a CC lead teacher for 2 years before coming to Bridge Academy. She worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for eleven years at Chester Fitness. Both she and her boys love Bridge Academy and look forward to being part of this coop for years to come!


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