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Life Skills

Have you ever been in the grocery store, at a dinner party, standing in front of your dishwasher or washing machine, or asked your child to clean the bathroom, and thought, “We’ve got a long way to go until you leave this house”, or “I thought I had already taught you that!” We parents can’t think of everything (even though we feel like we should be able to!) and sometimes need an extra hand. If you’re looking for another adult to help your student navigate some of the things we should know before leaving their house, this course is for you.

We will cover manners, being a guest and host, basic car knowledge, money management, debt and credit cards, meal planning, shopping and basic cooking, time management, church involvement, bible reading, and many other things. Parents will be expected to allow their students to practice doing laundry, dishes, basic cooking, and cleaning, along with many projects that the parent will have to sign off that the student has accomplished. Making phone calls, setting up appointments, organizing, car repairs, fire building, first aid, dressing professionally, etc.

This class counts as 1 elective credit.


Resources required: N/A
Mrs. Tanner will provide all handouts.

Copy/Supply Fee: $50 (this will be a hands-on class)
Annual tuition: $400.00 per year ($40.00/month for 10 months, August – May or $45 if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)


Megan Tanner

B.S. in Biology

“What can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them” (Rom1:19). It’s so true! Biology is the incredible study of the life that God has created. Megan developed a love for the “study of life” at university. Unfortunately, she grew up, with most people, confused about how the Bible and science work together. After graduating, she had the privilege to teach a group of homeschool students, who opened her eyes to the facts of Creation Science. They changed ger life! Since then, she has loved learning and teaching about God’s hand at work in creation. She's had the joy of teaching in public, private, coop and international schools, everything from science to ESL. He has allowed her family to serve Him in full-time ministry in NC, Richmond, VA, and for seven years, overseas in Central Asia. Her family returned to the States in 2019. Megan loves teaching her students at Bridge Academy!

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