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Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate is for any student who will turn 12 by October 1st, 2024. Students who do not meet this requirement are welcome to join, and will still be able to learn as well as compete in a JV speech category. However, they will not be able to compete in the Lincoln Douglas style of debate taught during the class.
This class will instruct students to become strong communicators for Christ. It will completely align with Stoa--the national Christian homeschool speech and debate league. Students will be introduced to several different speech events within three categories:
1. Interpretive events
( Interpreting literature either humorous or dramatic in a
theatrical manner)
2. Platform events
( Original speeches meant to inspire, inform, entertain, or
3. Impromptu events
( Impromptu speech, apologetics)
Students will also learn the differences between competitive debate styles, while being instructed in Lincoln Douglas (LD) debate.
Students will be required to prepare several different speeches and choose at least one to be entered into a local tournament put on by our Richmond area club, Verity. Students will have the opportunity to compete in other tournaments as well and will perform a showcase at the end of the year for parents and guests.
During the year, students who wish to become more involved and competitive in the world of Speech and Debate will be invited to attend meetings at Verity with their parents Wednesday afternoons. Students signed up for this class do not have to join Stoa, but if they choose to compete in the tournaments, membership is required. You can find out more information by going to:
In the words of Stoa: Speech and debate is arguably the most powerful activity impacting a student’s ability to read, write, speak, and think critically. Please join us and train your students to Speak Boldly. Change the world for Christ!


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Students who choose to compete will be required to pay to join STOA (membership information here: as well as pay various competition fees. However, your student is welcome to enroll in the class even if choosing not to compete or join STOA!
Copy/Supply fee: $25.00 (given to Stephanie Diocedo at Orientation or the first class)
Annual tuition: $380.00 ($38/month for 10 months, August- May or $43/month if prorated or on a 9 month payment plan)


Stephanie Diocedo

Stephanie lives in Chesterfield with her husband Anthony, their three children: Linda (13), Daniel (9), and Hazel (6)... and a bunch of chickens. This will be their seventh year homeschooling, which she loves. Before staying home, Stephanie taught fifth grade for many years at a local Christian school. She has a passion for performing arts. In addition to directing plays and musicals in both community theaters and churches, she taught elementary and preschool performing arts. Stephanie and her family attend Parkway Baptist Church where she loves teaching children how to use their gifts to glorify Jesus. She loves all things Colonial and chicken related. She is so excited to join the Bridge family!

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